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Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas Gifts Galore
The Christmas party was a splash!  First we all met at Salvi's for dinner in Hilliard for a great meal  then we all went over to Jody's home and had sweets.  When the club was new as few as 7 members we gave out small presents to everyone.  Many of us have kept up this tradition.  As the club grew to a much larger membership such gifts are certainly not expected.  However, some traditions are hard to let go of, those that had the time to make or bringing little gifts joyfully started handing them out to all that attended.  By the time the small gift giving was done I literal needed a bag to put all my goodies in. 

Miss Vicki Puts on
Her Party Hat
Miss Vicki loves to wear hats so we always are more than happy for her to put on Santa's cap and hand out the gifts.  Most everyone exchanged names and got awesome dolls as a result.  Liz as you can see in this picture is explaining all the hard work she had to go through to complete the delightful gift.  She sculpted, painted built a compete grassy knol for her whimsical doll to stand on.

Cynthia WOWed US
 Cynthia created a doll which was housed in artistically collage box.  Those that are not aware, Cynthia came to the guild with a vase knowledge of paper arts and stamping.  So it is no surprise that this the box that housed her hand made original doll was so beautifully made.  It added an extra artistic element to the art piece.  The doll was made of paper clay and paper. You just have to see it in person.

Lucky Jama
Jama is holding the doll she got from the open end exchange.  Make a doll trade a doll without drawing names.  She was so very luck, as who doesn't want a doll made by Jody.  As you can see the doll was colorful and made with all the charming attributes we expect from Jody.

  I wish there were more pictures of the dolls but I left my camera at home.  You will just have to come to the January Meeting to see them all.  Remember to bring your cameras. 

Winter Fair

There was so much going on at Winter Fair.  It was crazy fun for everyone.  The invitation to Winter Fair came three months prior to the event.  The Guilded Lilies were invited to not only stage a booth for the Guild presentation, but also ask to engage the public in a Make it and Take it project.  Committees and volunteers were formed at the September meeting, and it was a whirl wind of hard work up until the show. 

The Guilded Lilies Display Booth
You may not know that you were represented at Winter Fair but you were!  Miss Vicki had a great many fabulous dolls from Christmas exchanges and gifts that were whisk away from her display cases and put on display at our booth.  Other dolls were gathered from our guild members and so the display showed a wide range of doll artistry. The exhibit showed off the use of mixed media, skill, and design. The display was very well received at the Winter Fair art show.  The thrill was raising the awareness level of the unsuspecting.  The volunteers that worked the booth also made contact with artist that had know idea that there was a club in town, and were delighted to sign up for a one time news letter to become a possible member.  It is safe to say that we truly raised the image of Doll art in the eyes of the general public and connected with many new potential Lilies.

Chatting up Art Dolls
Along with the display of dolls several of our members demo as a way to invite conversation and attention to our booth.  It was awesome!  We engaged many conversations, sold pattern books and kits. We showed off the members that have had "Cover Girl Magazines" and dolls to match and bragged on how wonderful all of our members were in the club. 

Art Collage Pin a Hit!
Now to elaborate on the Make it and Take it table.  It was a hit!  The table was a flurry of activity.  Many extra kits were sold as a result of the mini class with the "Art Collage Pin"  These kits and class took a tremendous effort to put together in such a short time period.  Cyndy Sieving Designed and wrote the directions for the kit.  Cathy Barnes scheduled the workers. Gigi and Cynthia headed up the committee that orchestrated the assembling of the kits.  However with out the help of the club, making the molded faces, cutting fabric, donating items and assembling this project it would have never been completed in time.  Gigi and Cynthia commandeered just about everyone they could at one time or another to pull this project together.  Theses kits are also going to be used at Artistic Figures In Cloth "demo" night and sold at the Guilded Lilies table. 

The Icing On the Cake
Ohio Design of Arts and Crafts Museum, the promoters of Winter Fair, were totally floored by the Make it and Take it project.  They loved the effort put unto the project, the inviting way the table looked and how well it was received by the public.  ODAC also came to the booth and expressed that our booth was really eye catching.  I told them we did our best in a 3 month notice and we would love to be invited back. I think that Megan's big smile and the words most definitely were heard!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Charity and Dolls Go Together.

Nancy Jo Hill and Velda Smith made the cutest doll for charity.  It is now in Shelbyville KY (we were there for MM & M) in a lovely Shop called Making Ends Meet.  The owner of the shop has beaten breast cancer and does all she can to help raise awareness and funds.  Nancy Jo and Velda were so kind to make a doll for the cause.  The shop is taking bids and Votes.  If you do not want to bid you do not have to, but remember to vote for your favorite  CLICK HERE to see all he dolls.  Make sure when you are there you vote for there doll if you like it the best.  I think their doll is the best hands down.  There doll is the very last one.  You can not miss it.  It looks just like the one I posted here.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Boudica A Woman Warrior

A Great Class with Barbara Schonenoff

    Boudica was a British female warrior, who nearly defeated the Romans.  She is to have raised the largest army in Britain until WWI.  She was smart, powerful, beautiful and ruthless.  This doll plays homage to the warrior queen in all of us.

   Barbara Schoenoff’s doll of 20 inches soft sculpture stands by herself.  She has a wire armature, articulated fingers, sculpted and colored face.  The group had a great time creating a barbarian costume, spear, shield and embellishments.  Barbara taught a new product line that actually forms to the body when heated up with a heat gun.  This was totally awesome to see the breast plate form exactly to the body.  Then painted or covered with fabric. 

The class concentrated on the doll and not on the machine sewing. if you would like to take this class you will find that she is teaching it this Summer at a brand new convention in Texas.  Click here to check it out.

Susan Griner and Cathy Barnes very serious about there work
Nancy Jo Hill and Jama Upperman having a great time

Dot Lewallen Look at what I did.

The Guilded Lilies as always celebrated the arrival of Barbara Schoenoff with a spectacular Trunk show that Barbara put on for us.  We got to see all her awesome dolls.  What a work of art.  The class was intense and of course we could not resist taking our pictures working, playing, celebrity photo shoots with Barbara.

Velda Smith trying to follow direction!  and Barbara

Mary Lauer and Barbara, I think Mary is the teachers Pet.

Friday, October 8, 2010

October Class - Little Class of Horrors

 October 23, 2010
Meeting Starts at 10:30am break for lunch. Then the Green Goblin!
Jamie L Martinsek will be teaching this Green Goblin on October 23, 2010 at Janet’s Studio.  Jamie loves to make things just a little off the wall.  I have to say that many of us have been looking forward to this class all year. As your Web Mistress I plan on taking lots of pictures of your gruesome creations. If you are new to the group and need directions to Janet's Studio the are posted on the Guilded Lillie's Web page Click Here 

Jamie has made out a supply list for us.  I am sure there might be some special things you would like to your Goblin so please bring them along.  Remember to pack a lunch if you do not want to go out between the morning meeting and the afternoon class.  See you there.

SUPPLY LIST FOR the Green Goblin
1. Toilet paper tube
2. Styrofoam egg
3. Paper clay
4. Paper towels with a texture that you like
5. Two Beads for hands
6. Paint in two or more colors
7. Large doll needle that you don't care to get dirty
8. Two pipe cleaners for arms
9. Mod Podge or white glue
10. Sculpting tool if you like to use them!
11. Paint brushes

Jamie will bring drilled clothes pins, newspapers, a roll of foil and some extra supplies in case someone forgets something.  Bring a box to transport the clay. Wear old clothes you will be doing lots of painting.  If someone could bring a couple of hair dryers to speed up drying times that would be great!  This is the first time Jamie has taught us and we are the first people she has ever taught her awesome Green Goblin