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Friday, November 5, 2010

Boudica A Woman Warrior

A Great Class with Barbara Schonenoff

    Boudica was a British female warrior, who nearly defeated the Romans.  She is to have raised the largest army in Britain until WWI.  She was smart, powerful, beautiful and ruthless.  This doll plays homage to the warrior queen in all of us.

   Barbara Schoenoff’s doll of 20 inches soft sculpture stands by herself.  She has a wire armature, articulated fingers, sculpted and colored face.  The group had a great time creating a barbarian costume, spear, shield and embellishments.  Barbara taught a new product line that actually forms to the body when heated up with a heat gun.  This was totally awesome to see the breast plate form exactly to the body.  Then painted or covered with fabric. 

The class concentrated on the doll and not on the machine sewing. if you would like to take this class you will find that she is teaching it this Summer at a brand new convention in Texas.  Click here to check it out.

Susan Griner and Cathy Barnes very serious about there work
Nancy Jo Hill and Jama Upperman having a great time

Dot Lewallen Look at what I did.

The Guilded Lilies as always celebrated the arrival of Barbara Schoenoff with a spectacular Trunk show that Barbara put on for us.  We got to see all her awesome dolls.  What a work of art.  The class was intense and of course we could not resist taking our pictures working, playing, celebrity photo shoots with Barbara.

Velda Smith trying to follow direction!  and Barbara

Mary Lauer and Barbara, I think Mary is the teachers Pet.

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