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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Charity and Dolls Go Together.

Nancy Jo Hill and Velda Smith made the cutest doll for charity.  It is now in Shelbyville KY (we were there for MM & M) in a lovely Shop called Making Ends Meet.  The owner of the shop has beaten breast cancer and does all she can to help raise awareness and funds.  Nancy Jo and Velda were so kind to make a doll for the cause.  The shop is taking bids and Votes.  If you do not want to bid you do not have to, but remember to vote for your favorite  CLICK HERE to see all he dolls.  Make sure when you are there you vote for there doll if you like it the best.  I think their doll is the best hands down.  There doll is the very last one.  You can not miss it.  It looks just like the one I posted here.

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