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Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas Gifts Galore
The Christmas party was a splash!  First we all met at Salvi's for dinner in Hilliard for a great meal  then we all went over to Jody's home and had sweets.  When the club was new as few as 7 members we gave out small presents to everyone.  Many of us have kept up this tradition.  As the club grew to a much larger membership such gifts are certainly not expected.  However, some traditions are hard to let go of, those that had the time to make or bringing little gifts joyfully started handing them out to all that attended.  By the time the small gift giving was done I literal needed a bag to put all my goodies in. 

Miss Vicki Puts on
Her Party Hat
Miss Vicki loves to wear hats so we always are more than happy for her to put on Santa's cap and hand out the gifts.  Most everyone exchanged names and got awesome dolls as a result.  Liz as you can see in this picture is explaining all the hard work she had to go through to complete the delightful gift.  She sculpted, painted built a compete grassy knol for her whimsical doll to stand on.

Cynthia WOWed US
 Cynthia created a doll which was housed in artistically collage box.  Those that are not aware, Cynthia came to the guild with a vase knowledge of paper arts and stamping.  So it is no surprise that this the box that housed her hand made original doll was so beautifully made.  It added an extra artistic element to the art piece.  The doll was made of paper clay and paper. You just have to see it in person.

Lucky Jama
Jama is holding the doll she got from the open end exchange.  Make a doll trade a doll without drawing names.  She was so very luck, as who doesn't want a doll made by Jody.  As you can see the doll was colorful and made with all the charming attributes we expect from Jody.

  I wish there were more pictures of the dolls but I left my camera at home.  You will just have to come to the January Meeting to see them all.  Remember to bring your cameras. 

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  1. nice to see the pictures....I miss you all!! Christmas isn't the same without the Lily party!