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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pin Me Down

Triangular pincushions by Cathy Barnes
 Posting stopped at the end of January!  I had a few little things to attend to and well the next thing you know it is 6 months later.  So lets pick up in February.  Several months prior to February we all got excited about doing a Pin Cushion Exchange.  Make as many as you want and exchange with as many people as you can.  Here are the results!

Totem Pole Pincushions by Cynthia Dassler

Patty Cake, Mouse and Jim Dandy Pincushions by Cyndy Sieving

Magnetic pincushions by Gigi Galloway

Felted Houses by Janet McMullen

Stand Up, Can you Touch your Toes and I'm Exhausted by Jody Miller

Little Creatures by Jean Underwood

Pumpkin pincushions by Kristen Morris

Sweet little Mice and Finger Pincushions by Lynda Mahaffey

Chairs, People and Bobbles by Liz Seibold

Mushrooms and Pincushion Boxes by Kim Rose

Mermaids, Monkeys and Bears Oh My! By Mary Lauer

Beaded Pillow Pincushions by Marilyn Young

Doll Bust on a platform that holds spools of thread.  by Sue Mathias

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