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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Cord Work with River City Figurative Artist Guild

The Guilded Lilies and the River City Figurative Artist Guild have been friends for years now.  We host each other in our home city every other year.  This year it was our turn to go down to Cincinnati.  As soon as we arrived we began talking trying to catching up with each other. We had use of a club house  that was spacious .  We walked around admiring every one's art work from the River City Group. 

The members had a wonderful spread of food for us when we arrive. Every summer salad you could think of along with casseroles and Deserts galore!

After lunch there was a show and tell and then a fantastic workshop.  Robbie Porter headed up the workshop.  With the exception of scissors the project items were totally supplied to us.  Wow what a host with the mostest!  The technique taught was working with yarn and cording.  It was an interesting class.  The picture to the right is a figure posed on top of a painted gourd.  The gourd has cord work atop forming the upper body figure.

At first we pretty slow catching on, but once you got past the first couple rows of working the yarn and cording it all made sense.  Suddenly the class repetition of it all became  intoxicating.  I just could not put it down. All the way back to Columbus, I sat and worked with the cording.  We all agreed that the applications for this technique were endless, only limited to your own imagination. 

A special thanks to the River City Doll Artisan group for hosting us this year.


  1. I am glad you and the other wonderful gals from the Lilies enjoyed the trip. I was so happy to see all of you again. Looking forward to next year at your place and hopefully sooner if I can manage a trip up there sometime in the next few months.

  2. Wish I could have been there. You know how much I really hate my job! Keeps me from being with my friends/sisters and playing & learning new things. How many more years until I can retire & be a "normal" person??? See you next Saturday.

  3. It's a great technique! Looking forward to seeing your finished projects.