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Friday, August 12, 2011

Crazy Dollmaker Wear Crazy Clothes


    Right before Artistic Figures In Cloth one of the workshops was to make some wearable art for the convention.  This class was taught by Cathy Barnes.  The workshop was call none other than Shoedelocious.  That's right crazy art doll makers love to wear crazy artzy cloths.  The members purchased new or used shoes then painted them and bejeweled them with goo gahs of any and every kind.  With so much homework and preperation for the up and coming convention this was a welcome class.  Since you only needed to show up with shoes in hand and a bag of supplies, it was easy to prepare for. 

Opening night at AFIC there is a banquet called Hat and Heels Night. All the students and teachers come dressed in their hand made finest wearable art, costumes and jewels. These shoes fit right in and were fun to show off!

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