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Friday, August 12, 2011

A Day At the Fair

Art Dollmaking - Fun at the Fair
A day at the Ohio State Fair with the Guilded Lilies and a few other groups joined in the fun:  The Doll Gatherers from Cleveland and the Time for Dolls group in Akron helped make art doll pins.  We had over 1600 pins prepared for the Ohio State Fair goes to draw on. 

The members of the club draw and/or stamp faces and animals onto cotton fabric circles.  Using a thread and needle we sew a running stitch around the perimeter of the fabric. Then cut round cardboard circles and lay a bit of stuffing on top of the card board, pulling the thread gently while keeping the cardboard & stuffing in the center of the circle.  When the thread is as tight it is tied off  and walla!  We pre package these in kits, 25 in a kit. Our members take a kit home after every monthly meeting and before you know it we have over thousand of these.  It is a popular Make it & Take it project for fair goers. It is also easy on our budget. They are easy and quick to make.  

The challenge for the Fair goers is to color in the faces.  This is a fun art project and we have a few minutes to tell them about art dolls.  It is a wonderful way to promote art dolls.   As you can see the tables were always full.  We had children, mothers, fathers, grandfathers and Dads.  No one was ever left out.  People of all ages enjoy making them.  We even have some people tell us that they look forward to making a new one every year.
  There is also a awesome class of competition for Art doll makers. Sculpted, Clay, Artist Figural, Primitive, Cloth and Rag Doll
The Guilded Lilies from Columbus Ohio, The Doll Gatherers from Cleveland and the River City   Figurative Art Ggroup in Cincinnati all support the competition at the Ohio State Fair, by donating the price money for the entry divisions.  We all are trying very hard to encourage artist to enter their work in the Arts and Crafts division of the fair.  In the back ground of these pictures you can see all entries are safely tucked away behind glass.  This year we had over 45 art dolls on display for all over the state of Ohio.  The thought of the day is that it really doesn't matter of you win. The idea is that we are educating others about art dolls. 
There are hundreds of thousands of people that walk through the fair every year.  The fair is open for 14 days.  Our group would works the first 5 days of the fair.  We would work all 14  if we had enough volunteers and could make three times as many pins. We love talking to the public about our art work that is displayed in the cases. We always meet several people interested in finding a club that is in the same city or close to them. 

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