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Friday, August 12, 2011

A Day with Cody Goodin

Mediums Make the Art World Go Round by Cody Goodin

As a teaching art guild we really value the workshops our own members teach.  They give of themselves putting a lot of hard work into the class.  We also support art doll teachers.  In the beginning we only hired in one teacher a year.  As the club grew so did our finances. Soon we were hiring two teachers a year.  We wanted to do all we can for art doll teachers and thought perhaps we could also start looking at local teachers for 1 day or 1/2 workshops as well.   Cody works a full time job.  Getting away for 1 day was easy for him to work out so the deal was made. The Guilded Lilies were delighted to have the opportunity to hire and learn from him for the day. 

Cody works at an Art store in the Cincinnati area.  this gives him the unique opportunity to try out every little art product that comes down the pike. 
Luck for us we were able to spend a day and learn more about acrylic paint and mediums than we ever thought we could. The class gave us hands on experiance with the paint and a variety of specialty mediums used to enhance our own art doll creations and ideas to use in other types of artwork.  It was a grea day of fun.
To see what other wild and wonderful things Cody creates and teaches go to:

It was such a fun day that some of the members just could not let the day end.  Cody packed up and went back to Cincinnati.  There were club members that reported to have stayed hours later retreaving discarded paints and mediums disgarded in the trash out.  They continued experimenting and playing until all materials were exhausted.  Now that's a WORKSHOP!

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