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Friday, January 20, 2012

 How to Personify anything by Kathryn Walmsley
 We have had Kathryn twice before but she is just one of those teachers you can have over and over again.  She has so much to teach, so much to give and her head is bursting with inspiration.  Beyond that she is one of the best teachers ever.

Here are the starting projects. Just look at Janet's art work.  She started with a wooden hinged box!
Janet McMullen 
Janet McMullen Finished piece

Vicki loves Halloween 
Vicki Lamer's scary man with no hands

 Boy did the Guilded Lilies really excel in this class.

 Everyone worked with wooded objects drawn form a bag and then dove into their minds.  We found out that we have some very weird, scary, sweet and bizarre members

Gigi Gallaway started with a House
Everyone knows a house upside
down is a Chicken don't they?

 Here are some more....Unfinished but we hope to see them done soon
Cyndy Sieving

Cynthia Dassler

Deanna Claypool

Nancy Jo Hill

Katrina Strubler

Kim Rose

Kristen Morris 
Liz Seibold
Velda Smith

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