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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Rosie Rojas

Rosie having a one on one with Judy Skeel
The adorable Rabbit Boy belongs to Gigi Gallaway
Rosie Rojas 
         Body Mind & Soul

Rosie Came for Snow but gave more than she got.  We had really very little snow but a lot of fun with Rosie. 

The class was with polymer clay.  Creating a basic head of your choice and then the body on the second day.  

Rosie is very inspirational and works with precision and then all the sudden she will give you a freedom to go your own direction.  It is rare a teacher can allow students to pursue their own vision while only assisting them in the process. 

Some of the snap shots we got while the heads were in progress
Cyndy Sieving's- Woodland Creature
Dot Lewallen - Owl Man

Vick Lamer's Devil Pig
Marilyn Young's - Old Man
Katrina Strubler's Little Lady

Lynda Mahaffey's Duck
Debbie Smith's Duck

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