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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Rosie Rojas
In the Right Place at the Right Time

At the January meeting it was announced that the instructor for March's 3 day paper clay class had to cancel.  This was a big disappointment, but when one door closes you have the option to open a new door.

Strings Attached - By Rosie Rojas
It just so happened Rosie Rojas had flown in from San Antonio, Texas to spend 10 days with her BFF, Cyndy who had convinced her that she should teach a class in polymer clay to the Guild.  Rosie, has been working primarily in paper clay for 4 or 5 years,  it was a fun adventure for her to revisit polymer clay.

Lucky day  for our guild, Rosie was in town and could be addressed directly.  If  the club agreed we could hire her. We would not have to cancel the March workshop. It would be a different workshop but still in paper clay.  Rosie mentioned these two dolls and body types as they are enough alike yet easily adapted to the wide range of skill levels. It was only a hop skip and a jump to sit down and put a class together, to be consider the day after announcement of  the class cancellation

The Guild members could not very well take a vote when she was standing there teaching the class.  We had to take a off the cuff vote. Cynthia and Gigi managed to pull it all together by secretly talking to members in the Sunday class. Everyone loved her polymer class.  The  paper clay class had many more techniques and with a different media it was a shoe in. We were delighted she she said yes and will be back to spend 3 more days with the Guild.

Strings Attached - by Rosie Rojas
March 10, 11, 12, 2012

Janet's Studio
Max. 15 Students - Members Only
Workshop time: 10am - 4pm
Paper Clay with Rosie Rojas

These Figures hang 16-18 inches 
Payment for this class is due in full at the Feb Meeting or mail your payment to Marilyn Young.

Please refer to newsletter for
detailed information.

Portal - by Rosie Roj

Class accomidates beginners and advanced students.  Rosie will work with those that want to do face sculpting or molded faces,  beauty or abstract, it is the creators choice She will guide you through the process. Complete a lovely full bodied doll such as "Strings Attached" or "Portal" with a found object of your choosing.

Molded faces will help take the jitters out for some others will want to sculpt their own vision.  This class not only teaches the art of sculpting faces from paper clay it will include using cheese cloth and/or scrim, overlay,  a very effective way to add depth and texture to your artwork.  She will also demonstrate painting techniques along with sculpting hands: both still life hands and armatured movable fingers; along with sculpted legs and feet. The final day includes applied costuming and finalizing and enhancing the small details of your creation.

Due to time restraints we are sending the Supply list on this blog and in the newsletter.  The class is restricted to 15 students.  Each student may choose to do do either a Full body as seen in "Strings Attached" or a Found Object as in "Portal"  Both dolls hang on the wall so if you are making a doll with a found object be mindful of the weight of your object.

Kit Fee $6.00 includes:
Instructions, Copper Wire, Body Building Foam, Molded Face, and additional mics supplies.

"Portal" Close up by Rosie Rojas
Supply List
Cheese Cloth and/or Scrim Fabric
Aluminum foil and/or 4 inch Styrofoam egg (head)
Acrylic Paint
Wire - to make the hanging apparatus
6 inch piece of special fabric, lace or vintage lace to cover the upper bodice
Modeling Paste
Tacky Glue
Full Body Doll - "String Dancer"
4-5 yards of ribbon
Light weight fabrics to match ribbons
Cotton pearl embroidery (if you want to do the strings)

Found Object Doll - "Portal"
Bring your found object fitting for a 16-18 inch figure
Tools Needed
Sculpting Tools / Basic Sewing Supplies, needle thread etc / Paint Brushes / Wire Cutters / Needle Nose Pliers


  1. OMG the "Strings attached " is beautiful ..
    hopr you have a blast in the workshops.

  2. WOW! What beautiful work!

    the DragonLady