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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Workshops and Books

July's Class is Wearable Art doll Cloths

That's right you are going to be making cloths with dolls on them.  Very fun and lots of samples at the June meeting.  Cyndy is teaching the class and was totally inspired by several Altered Couture magazines. The real clincher was when she purchased a book Collage Couture by Julie Nutting This book is written for paper but was easy to translate to cloth.  Cyndy and Janet will also be teaching free hand drawing, how to make templates and draw.  Painting, spraying, Silhouettes, Stamping and much more.  Art Doll Wearable cloths.  How much fun is that!


Start Looking.  We have a class coming up that you just might want to get a reference book for.  It is Kim Rose's class she is teaching in September called "Fan Dolls"  That's right Dolls on fans...Sounds funny yes?  Well she was going though Patti Culea book Creative Cloth Exploration and found some wonderful Fan Dolls.  There are several illustrations and the book contains a wealth of information on other dolls.   Go to Amazon and get your copy today!    ISBN#  9781592534630

As I was talking to Kim I found out that Patti also has several video's on U-tube .  They are very interesting and quite well done  I think you will enjoy them

July's class is

Friday, June 22, 2012

Taking the High Road

Take the High Road! 

So many things have been going on this spring.  The High Road Gallery opened on the 1st of June.  this was a great way to end the spring and start the summer.  I could not help but notice that among the pictures that were taken that a little art work in acting was going on behind the set.

Which Witch is the most frightning?

River City Artisan's Joined us at the Gallery (Gigi Day of the Dead doll has her back to us)

Liz' Coiled Gourd Doll

The Unemployed Fairy Godmothers......Will contract for a year or a life time which ever comes first!

Many dolls were dance there way out of the Gallery that day! These are Liz's acrobats dolls (picture above) and her Jumping Jacks which seemed to be flying out of the Gallery!


Gigi Steampunk Baby Made it into the Ohio State Fair Fine Arts show this year!
Way to go GIGI