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Friday, June 22, 2012

Taking the High Road

Take the High Road! 

So many things have been going on this spring.  The High Road Gallery opened on the 1st of June.  this was a great way to end the spring and start the summer.  I could not help but notice that among the pictures that were taken that a little art work in acting was going on behind the set.

Which Witch is the most frightning?

River City Artisan's Joined us at the Gallery (Gigi Day of the Dead doll has her back to us)

Liz' Coiled Gourd Doll

The Unemployed Fairy Godmothers......Will contract for a year or a life time which ever comes first!

Many dolls were dance there way out of the Gallery that day! These are Liz's acrobats dolls (picture above) and her Jumping Jacks which seemed to be flying out of the Gallery!


Gigi Steampunk Baby Made it into the Ohio State Fair Fine Arts show this year!
Way to go GIGI

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