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Saturday, September 1, 2012

August Highlights

Charity Work Pays off - Look what we did!
There are so many you can hardly see them all.

We had so many big events happening in August it is hard to mention them all. 
Everyone should be proud of the Charity Doll Production and Finishing.....Ah yes that nasty word FINISHING.   We did it Christmas in August we have 90 some dolls done to go to Children's Services, James Children's Cancer Center and the Ohio School for the deaf.  We know there are still dolls out there not done.  So finish them up and get them in so we can get them to the charity groups by year end.  Liz Seibold painted most of the faces. She did not have a table big enough to put them all so she lined them up against the window ledge. 

  We used a free Charity pattern donated by one of our members called Scribbles.  Scribbles and Friends charity pattern is free to any Good Deed Doer's Click here for Free Pattern.

Liz Seibold's Wood Painting Demo samples

Jody Miller's Shoe making samples

Susan Griner demoing Wig making

Natalie Hamade Coming in October

Lilith the Goblin Princess

Natalie Hamade is coming in October to teach this wonderful class "Lilith the Goblin Princess.

Jody Miller had purchased her pattern and also took a class from her at Artistic Figures In Cloth 2011 so she brought the dolls she made.  Janet McMullen had her doll in from the same class with the Tyveck hair she was to demo at the meeting.  It was a great way to see Natalie's style and to get excited about the class.  Some of the River City club members are going to join us for the October 3 day class!  It is a combination of fabric sculpting, dye work, and Mosaic.  

Made by Janet McMullen
From Natalie's AFIC Class
Made by Jodie Miller
from Natalie's Pattern

Hosting the River City Artists

 Show n' Tell  
Cincinnati Doll Club came to visit and we had a blast!

We had the River City Artisans up to our meeting this year.  We always want to welcome them with open arms. Share each others art work, friendship and ideas is always fun.  This year we had a great show n tell, just about everyone brought something in to share.  You know we love to share. 
Kathy from River City brought her wonderful Gourd Cat in
Cyndy Sieving's Before and After Fairy Godmother's

Liz Marten Showing and Telling 

Vicki Lamer's Shadow Box from
Gigi's class
Marilyn Young's
Wire Skirt Doll

2012 Ohio State Fair Close Ups

Ohio State Fair 

Miss Vicki's Steampunk Annie and got 1st place.
she took 3rd place with her other steampunk guy

Susan Odell showed off her "Best of Show"
Yes it got Best of Show and the doll is called Best of Show!

Vicki entered in the
Trash to Treasurer
Marilyn Young is delighted with her 1st place  Beaded Doll Winner