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Saturday, September 1, 2012

August Highlights

Charity Work Pays off - Look what we did!
There are so many you can hardly see them all.

We had so many big events happening in August it is hard to mention them all. 
Everyone should be proud of the Charity Doll Production and Finishing.....Ah yes that nasty word FINISHING.   We did it Christmas in August we have 90 some dolls done to go to Children's Services, James Children's Cancer Center and the Ohio School for the deaf.  We know there are still dolls out there not done.  So finish them up and get them in so we can get them to the charity groups by year end.  Liz Seibold painted most of the faces. She did not have a table big enough to put them all so she lined them up against the window ledge. 

  We used a free Charity pattern donated by one of our members called Scribbles.  Scribbles and Friends charity pattern is free to any Good Deed Doer's Click here for Free Pattern.

Liz Seibold's Wood Painting Demo samples

Jody Miller's Shoe making samples

Susan Griner demoing Wig making

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