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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Classes and Projects


Retreat may not be something we talk about much but we do show off a few pictures.  Here is a picture of the Retreat project from this fall.  We took unwanted plastic toys and make some crazy fun creatures.

There are some that just could not get enough and decided to make a few Old Crows.

by Janet McMullen Pattern by Susan Barmore

Challenges are fun here are the entries from the Playing card Challenge.  The idea was to take a playing card, taro card or game card and use it as your inspiration. 

Joker - by Cathy Barnes

by Gigi Gallaway

By Susan Griner

By Lynda Mahaffey

By Katrina Strubler

By Marilyn Young

Class Pictures from Charmed I'm Sure and cool and fun witch 
by Jody Miller
by Janet McMullen

Class Pictures from the Wearable Doll cloths Class

Kristin Morris working on her Top - Hand painted Design 

Joveta Gorrell - hand painted original
Cynthia has finished her apron

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