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Friday, December 14, 2012

Art Doll Gift Exchange

Every year we have a Art Doll exchange.  Trading names and busy bee's begging to buzz in our heads.  Soon they rattle up some ideas and the next thing you know Art Dolls for someone else are born.   I was not able to attend the Exchange this year.  So below are pictures courtesy of Judy Skeel.  I have put the makers name on the ones I recognize, the others I have numbered so if the makers want to email me I would be happy to tag your Art figure. 

Enjoy looking and 
Happy Dollydays to One and All


#2 by Judy Skeel gifted to Susan Griner

#3 by Rebecca Taulbee gifted to ?

#4 By Gigi Gallaway gifted to Liz Seibold

#5 by Kristin Morris gifted to ?

#6 By Lisa Vottero gifted to Judy Skeel


#8 by Susan Griner gifted to?

#9 by Liz Seibold gifted to ?

Winterfair 2012

The Guilded Lilies Welcome you to;

Winter Fair was an Artist "Winter Wonder Land"  We would like to take a minute to thank the people that worked at the "Guilded Lilies Sales and Show-off Table".  We sold quite a few dolls and had a lot of interest in the Guild.

Make it and Take it" project table".  The coordinator, Megan came up and thanked us once again for making this inter-active activity for the fair so very successful. The project is embraced by the visitors

Here is what 
Megan had to say:
Guilded Lilies:

I want to thank you and all the Guilded Lily ladies again for a fantastic weekend. I love how your entire group has such enthusiasm- it is contagious!! The project is always wildly successful and I wouldn't change it, unless you want to tweak it a bit to save on funds and prep-time. As always, I can't thank you enough for all your time and effort.
Thanks again. Have a fun and restful holiday season!

Megan Moriarty
Education Coordinator
Ohio Craft Museum / Ohio Designer Craftsmen

Involving visitors in the Make it Take it is only a wee glimpse of what it takes to "Do what we Do" Having the art dolls on display at Winterfair fro,m the group helps make people understand the complexity of our work.  Educating people that Dolls can be art is very rewarding.  

I am so proud to be apart of a group that is willing to share their talents with others.  The time you give making, working and sharing your skills is a wonderful gift you give willingly.  

Pictures are courtesy of 
Mary Lauer

Happy Holidays