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Friday, December 14, 2012

Art Doll Gift Exchange

Every year we have a Art Doll exchange.  Trading names and busy bee's begging to buzz in our heads.  Soon they rattle up some ideas and the next thing you know Art Dolls for someone else are born.   I was not able to attend the Exchange this year.  So below are pictures courtesy of Judy Skeel.  I have put the makers name on the ones I recognize, the others I have numbered so if the makers want to email me I would be happy to tag your Art figure. 

Enjoy looking and 
Happy Dollydays to One and All


#2 by Judy Skeel gifted to Susan Griner

#3 by Rebecca Taulbee gifted to ?

#4 By Gigi Gallaway gifted to Liz Seibold

#5 by Kristin Morris gifted to ?

#6 By Lisa Vottero gifted to Judy Skeel


#8 by Susan Griner gifted to?

#9 by Liz Seibold gifted to ?

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